Left to Right: Jesse,Cyril,Blanche,& Evelyn Janes; Roland Rogers, Ron Janes and Effie Janes. 1940Schooners Athlete and Maggie Blackwood in the background.

Safe Harbour Then

Safe Harbour Now

Safe Harbour Now

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  1. Christopher Feltham and Tabitha Dicks were married at Safe Harbour on June 5 1888. Witnesses were William and Prisella Davis.

    He was the grandson of William and Sarah Knee Feltham of Pools Island and later Greenspond. Christophers father , James Feltham, married Harriet Stratton of Valleyfield in 1857 at Greenspond. For the most part they raised their family of 7 children at Man Pt. Cove presently Middle Brook Gambo. Christopher Feltham died in 1923 at Safe Harbour. Little is known of Tabitha Dicks.

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