The Greens

This image is a snapshot from a geneological database showing members of the Green family of George Green and Julia King. The image came to us from Roderick Brentnall who you can reach by email: brentnalster at


2 thoughts on “The Greens

  1. This is Wonderful! this is my Grandparents!
    Where can I find out where this was found
    My Dad is John Green, I am George named after both my Grandfathers
    Only know George the father of this family and of course my Grandfather
    On Rememberance Day I think of them, especially my Uncle Will whom was lost at war
    lest we forget all our veterans

  2. Julia Green with my grandparents and I’m desperately trying to fill in the branches on my family tree for my son. I’m not sure who you are or why you’re looking for this family information but I would certainly love to have a chat with you. I am living in Toronto.

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