Mapping our History

Charles Hounsell created this painting from memory, circa 1975, while living in Toronto. Move your cursor over any homes in the painting and a note with the residents’ names will appear.
Below are a list of all the families of Safe Harbour and a map showing the location of each family.


1. circa 1930: Bob and Anne (Porter) Hounsell
after 1930: Daniel and Polina (Janes) Wakely
2. circa 1930: Charles and Frances (Attwood) Hounsell About Charles & Frances Hounsell
after 1930: Walter and Maggie (White) King
3. Ben and Anne (Elkins) White
4. Robert and Rebecca (Parsons) Elkins About Abram Elkins
5. circa 1930: John and Amelia (Preston) Elkins
after 1930: Bethlehem and Jane (Knee) Mercer
6. Sylvester and Fannie Feltham
7. circa 1930: Arthur and Clara (Elkins) Blackwood
after 1930: Eli and Myrtle (Starkes) King
8. circa 1930: Nelson and Ellen (Attwood)
after 1930: Stokes
9. Joseph and Lillian (Burry) Stokes
10. circa 1930: Sam and Minnie (Burton) Stokes
after 1930: Gaston and Drucilla (Boland) King
11. circa 1930: Baxter and Elizabeth Burton
after 1930: Othneil and Mary (Wiseman) Janes
12. Steve and Annie (Arnold) Stratton
13. circa 1930: James and Mary Ann Burton) Dyke
after 1930: Pastor Malcolm and Carrie Pope
14. Nathan and Bessie (Pelly) Dyke
15. George and Rosanna (Hounsell, Attwood) Dyke
15a. James and Blanch (Blackwood) Sturge
16. circa 1930: Abraham and Mary Ann (Knee) Blackwood
after 1930: Sam and Sophie (Sturge) King
17. George and Ideila (Stokes) Dyke
18. Benjamin and Elsie (Pelly) Dyke
19. Jacob and Muriel (Stokes) Dyke
20. Lewis and Lucy (Davis) Dyke
21. circa 1930: Job and Mary Ellen Dyke
after 1930: Ellis and Elizabeth (Janes) Dyke
22. Absolom and Elizabeth (Dyke) Sturge
23. New School House
24. circa 1930: John and Louise (Green)Blackwood
after 1930: Charlie and Fanny (Fifield) Gillingham
25. Telegraph Office
26. circa 1930: Albert and Nina (Davis) Blackwood  Stories from Sam King Jr.
after 1930: Gaston and Drucilla (Boland) King
27. George and Julia (King) Green
28. circa 1930: John and Emma Jane (Attwood) Davis About Emma Jane Attwood
after 1930: Abner and Hilda (Stokes) Blackwood
29. William and Louisa Mary (King) Davis
30. Egdar and Lydia Frances (Burry) Davis
31. circa 1930: Kenneth and Jessie (Davis) Attwood
after 1930: Tom and Effie (Janes) Gillingham
after 1930: Fred Green; Daniel Wakely
32. Daniel Wakely
33. circa 1930: Abraham and Keziah Rebecca (King) Davis
after 1930: Ron and Minnie (Knee) White
34. Gordon and Maggie (Blackwood) Pinsent
35. circa 1930: Samuel and Classie (Billard) Blackwood
after 1930: Baxter and Violet (Taylor) Janes
36. circa 1930: Job and Elsie (Sansbury) Blackwood
after 1930: Easau Rowena (Spurrell) Howell
37. Blackwood’s Store
38. George and Anna (Bourne) Burry
39. Ernest and Mary (Lush) Burry About Rev. Lester Burry  
40. circa 1930: John and Mary Jane (White) Burry
after 1930: Ron and Maisie (Janes) Barbour
41. circa 1930: Obadiah and Julia Moores
after 1930: Steve and Susie Moores
42. circa 1930: Henry and Elsie (Davis) Moores
after 1930: Bill and Margaret (Howell) Burry
43. Alexandra and Ruth (Knee) Moores
44. Tom and Julie (Chaytor) Janes
45. Herb and Violet (Burry) Janes
46. Othniel and Mary (Wiseman) Janes
47. circa 1930: Adam and Emma (Osbourne) Janes
after 1930: Charlie and Elizabeth (Cull) Janes
48. Abraham and Margaret Gillingham
49. Moses and Sarah (Spurrell) Janes
50. Anglican Church and School
51. Fred and Kate (Spurrell) Knee
52. circa 1930: George and Eliza Knee
after 1930: Job and Jessie (Mercer) Feltham
53. Percy and Priscilla (Davis) Attwood
54. Thomas and Jochebed (Rideout) Attwood
55. Jacob and Caroline (White) Attwood
56. Peter and Suzie Feltham
57. Christopher and Tabitha Feltham
57a. William and Evelyn (Ford) King
58. circa 1930: Nathaniel and Phoebe (Stokes) King
after 1930: Jesse and Eliza (King) Winter
59. circa 1930: Justin and Anne Knee
after 1930: Fred and Ada Cecelia (Davis) Osborne; Walt and Maggie (White) King; Doug and Carrie (Wicks) Janes
60. circa 1930: Wilf and Flora (Hounsell) OsmondBenjamin and Janie (Attwood) Knee About Wilf Osmond About Ben Knee
after 1930: Jesse and Eliza (King) Winter
61. circa 1930: Caleb and Winifred (Janes) Attwood  Birth Certificate
after 1930: Caleb Jr. and Gladys (King) Attwood
62. circa 1930: Elias and Caroline J. (Wells) Attwood
after 1930: Carson and Mary (Ricketts) Attwood
63. circa 1930: William and Maria (Spurrell) Attwood
after 1930: Charles Attwood
64. Dick and Elsie Blackwood
65. Albert and Beatrice (Bourne) Attwood