Reverend Ralph Gillingham

Ralph Gillingham was born on August 23, 1920, the third oldest in a family of seven, to Thomas and Effie Gillingham in the tiny outport of Safe Harbour in the Bonavista Bay area of Newfoundland. He grew up in a community where families were large, and hardships were common, but caring for and helping neighbours was a fundamental part of family life and that was to shape his future.

As a young man he attended Memorial, Dalhousie and McGill Universities, and upon graduation with an M Div. was ordained as a United Chralph_gillinghamurch minister in 1950. His love of the church as a calling to serve others was a mainstay of his life and he cherished the involvement he and his wife Vera enjoyed in every community they lived in. Ralph’s ministry began in a time when student ministers preached and practiced in rural and often isolated communities and his memories of those times were filled with warmth. The churches he served are:

  • 1941-44 Newfoundland – Deer Island, Foster Point, Summerford (Student)
  • 1948-50 Quebec – Kinnears Mills (Student)
  • 1950-52 Greens Harbour, Newfoundland
  • 1952-54 Easton’s Corners, Ontario
  • 1954-60 Corunna, Ontario
  • 1960-67 Glen Ayr, Scarborough, Ontario
  • 1967-72 St. Paul’s Midland, Ontario
  • 1972-86 Manor Rd. Toronto, ON

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