As Friends of Safe Harbour, one of our big concerns is the condition of the cemeteries. Every summer people return to Safe Harbour with the intent of visiting the cemeteries where family members are laid to rest. To their great disappointment they find it virtually impossible. The cemeteries are in very poor condition, having suffered from lack of care for many years. The resting places of many loved ones are almost completely overgrown with gold withy and alders. We plan to cut down and remove the overburden that has grown up and choked the cemeteries. We want to make them accessible again and do our best to restore them.

Through the financial contributions of Friends of Safe Harbour we have raised the money necessary to buy the “brush basher” needed to attack the tangle of brush that prevents us from visiting the cemeteries. It is our hope that by the summer 2004 much of this work will be completed in the two United Church cemeteries.

The oldest church burial ground in Safe Harbour is the Anglican cemetery. As finances permit, we plan to clean up this one as well. Southwest Arm, which is part of Safe Harbour, had it’s own cemetery and that too needs to be looked after. The last burial site to be put in Safe Harbour is the Pentecost cemetery, on Attwood’s Island. This tiny cemetery contains only one grave, but it too needs to be looked after.